The Kelleth Piano Trio

Sat 20th April, 7.30pm
  • Rachel Ellis violin
  • Siriol Hugh-Jones cello
  • Stephen Carroll-Turner piano

The Kelleth Piano Trio were formed in 2017 by three members of the Brighton Chamber Ensemble – Rachel Ellis, Siriol Hugh-Jones and Steve Carroll-Turner. Their current project is to bring back into the light music written by female composers who have over the years for whatever reason, been neglected or ignored. They will be playing piano trios by Amy Beach and Emilie Mayer.

Completing the programme will be the ‘Trio in C minor’ written in 1924 by a very young and not too serious Dmitri Shostakovich: a brilliant, romantic piece that looks to that Romantic era but also contains unmistakable elements of his mature, original style that we know so well. Shostakovitch in the living room – can’t wait to hear this!

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Rachel Ellis

Violinist Rachel Ellis won a scholarship to the Royal College of Music where she studied with Jaroslav Vanecek. She teaches at Christ’s Hospital School and co-leads the Horsham Symphony Orchestra with whom she also gives regular concerto performances. Rachel plays a 200-year-old unnamed Italian violin. (Note to audience, careful not to stand on it on the way in..)

Siriol Hugh-Jones

Cellist Siriol Hugh-Jones studied in Moscow with Professor Igor Gavrysh and later Olga Galochkina. She co-founded both the Montpellier Cello Quartet and the Brighton Chamber Ensemble.

Stephen Carroll-Turner

Pianist Stephen Carroll-Turner studied music at Edinburgh University, and now has a busy career as a piano technician and restorer. He performs regularly as a member of various chamber groups including the Brighton Chamber Ensemble and of course, the Kelleth Piano Trio.

Admission ticket price: £22.00 (where does the money go?)

Tickets are sold out for this performance.